Rumyan Hovsepyan

best_player best_player
Age 26
Goals 5

Norayr Gyozalyan

best_player best_player
Age 27
Goals 4

Which place will take Banants at the end of the season?

The best five of "Banants"

FC "Banants" introduced the FFA of its five candidates for the title of "Best Footballer of the Year." It includes the following players:

1. Rumyan Hovsepyan
2. Kwasi Sibo
3. Vahagn Ayvazyan
4. Ognjen Krasic
5. Walmerson Garcia Praia

Rumyan Hovsepyan took part in 14 matches of the Armenian championship, scored 5 goals and gave 2 assists. Kwasi Sibo played 8 matches and scored 2 goals. Vahagn Ayvazyan spent all 15 matches of the current national championship. Ognյen Krasic went on the field 14 times and gave two successful passes, and Walmerson scored 2 goals in 10 matches and gave 3 assists.