Rumyan Hovsepyan

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Age 26
Goals 5

Norayr Gyozalyan

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Age 27
Goals 4

Which place will take Banants at the end of the season?

Finding new Mkhitaryan. Getting to know Karen Nalbandyan

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There are different opinions on the present and future of Armenian football. Some think there is nothing positive about it, others claim that there is a talented football generation in Armenia which is able to raise the reputation of football. Nowadays the main glory of Armenian football is Henrikh Mkhitaryan, but we are convinced that there are hopes to be optimistic about the future. started a new set where will be represented the most promising and talented players of Armenia. They are already distinguished by their talent and skills.
The first hero is

Karen is playing in the U15 team of "Banants" (players born in 2002)
His position is midfielder
Champion of Armenia of his age group (2013,2014,2015,2016)
Best midfielder of Armenia of his age group (2012,2013/14,2014/15)

We met Karen immediately after the training of his team. He was almost exhausted because had a hard training. In several minutes we understood that the player is very modest and simply loves playing football and helping his team.
Karen is one of the best scorers of U15 championship of Armenia, he has scored 10 goals. We asked how he managed to scores so many goals when he even is not playing in forward's position. "I even didn't imagine that would score so many goals. It is very important for me that my team is leading and team's interests are on the first place"- says the player modestly.

How did he join "Banants"?
Before he was 6 he showed his passion towards football in the yard. The parents were not against his wish to play football. "I played a lot in the yard and was watched a lot of football on TV, all the members of my family love football, so there was not any problem".
The sport base of "Banants" is one of Karen's favorite places.

How did he make his first steps in football?


"One of the members of my family offered to go to "Banants". First I trained in Samvel Adamyan's team, later I joined the team of Vahe Gevorgyan. Everything is wonderful in "Banants", I never regret coming here ".

"The education is important for the football player."
There are many examples when the children playing football don't pay attention to their education and in the future are not famous for their knowledge or literacy. We could tell from the way Kare talked that he pays attention to education and realizes how important it is. "I will be in the 10th grade soon. I pay a lot of attention to education because I know that it is an important factor to become a good player".

Which are his favorite subjects in school?
"I really like Armenian history and literature classes. The teachers are very kind to me. They always say they wish I become a good player. They encourage me and that is very pleasant".


Players that I learn from...

All the players sooner or later confess that they had idols performances of which they always watches and even tried to be like them. Karen also learns from persons who achieved success in football. "I follow a lot of players and try to learn something new from them. I'd like to Felipe Coutino and Luca Modrich. I watch their games quite often and want to be like them. My favorite club is "Real Madrid", I like their football."

"Karen really has a football mentality"

Nobody can describe Karen better than his coach Artur Ghasaboghlyan. "Karen Nalbandyan is an important player in our team. He has a good technique and has scored 10 goals in the championship. Karen has a football character and mentality. His future depends on him."
The coach values that his player never concentrated on his personal goals and has his team on the first place. "I value that quality. Nevertheless the individual actions of players are also very important. Karen is good at that and "Banants" will help him to grow as a player."
"I will tell everyone that everything for me started in "Banants". The sport base of "Banants" is one of the best ones in Armenia. Many children from other countries would dream about conditions like this. Karen is also happy to train in a base that has all the necessary conditions. " This is the best place in Armenia to play football. Our pitches, dressing rooms... everything is wonderful. I'd like to mention our coaches who are not only good professionals but also real teachers who take care of their players. If one day I become a professional football player I will tell everyone that everything for me started in "Banants".


Karen's football career is very smooth. He already has prizes both for him and his team. The players states "I will continue playing football, I don't think about another profession. Everything's ahead".
Karen smiled and left to have rest after tiring training. We are sure that the talented player and modest person will have a bright future.