Rumyan Hovsepyan

best_player best_player
Age 26
Goals 5

Norayr Gyozalyan

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Age 27
Goals 4

Which place will take Banants at the end of the season?

Ղուկաս Պողոսյան. «Հուսով եմ՝ դեռ շատ գոլեր կխփեմ «Բանանցում»

Ghukas Poshosyan answered the questions of the press service of “Banants”.

- Congratulations on your first goal in “Banants”. How important was it for you?

- It was good, but as the team lost, I do not give much importance to it. I hope it will not be the last and I will score many goals in “Banants”.

- What will you say about the match against “Dila”?

- In general, it was not bad, a little chaotic in those 10 minutes I do not know what happened. Nevertheless, later we improved and could have even won if we used our opportunities. However, we should not concentrate on the result, these matches are important for the preparation to the championship.

- What about the current training camp in Georgia?

- It is fine and it is good we are playing against strong teams. There no harm from it only gain, it will improve the team’s condition before the training camp.

- How convenient are the positions you’re playing in “Banants”?

- Here I play from left and as an attacking midfielder, those are the same positions I played previously.

- Do you still feel yourself a newcomer in “Banants” or you have already adapted?

- I have adapted, everything gradually improves and the atmosphere is good.