Norayr Gyozalyan

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Age 27
Goals 4

Rumyan Hovsepyan

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Age 25
Goals 3

Which team will be the winner of match Banants - Gandzasar ?

Aram Voskanyan about the match against "Alashkert"

After the 23rd tour match against "Alashkert" the head coach of "Banants" Aram Voskanyan answered the quiestions of the reporters.

- Congratulations to "Alashkert". It was a very difficult match. It was our3rd match this week and the adversary didn't have a Cup match this week. 8-9 players have injuries and couldn't play today due to having fever. We were in a complicated situation. We played with young players and I think they did everything they could. It's already the 3rd game that we are left with 10 players due to getting red card. 

- Valter Poghosyan performed today after a long break. What can you say about his performance?
- Taking into consideration his break I think his performance was normal. He will have time to recover his condition because the next match is in 8 days and the injured players will also recover. These are the injuries they got 3-4 months ago and there are some players who haven't played. We will give him opportunity to play so he is ready for the Cup's match on April 25. 

- The central striker Grigor Aghekyan was more active on the flanks today. What was the reason?
- After received the red card we changed the structure to 4-4-1. I didn't want to repeat Valter Poghosyan's injury and replaced with a faster and more aggressive player. 

- We had never seen you so angry. What was the reason? 
- I suppose I overreacted. I was tense because I had problems with players from morning, we were left with 10 players, played against the wind on the first half... everything was against us. I was angry because I thought there was no off-side, it was a bit too much. Football can't be without emotions. 

- Are you satisfied with the referees?
- The lost team always complains, but I don't want to complain. I need to watch the video to see if there was a red card or no. I can't say anything objectively. As a head coach I had to stay calm, but this is football and things happen.  

- "Banants" played Cup Match and "Alashkert" didn't. How did this factore influence todays' match?
- We could tell that in the beginning but at the end the boys moved better. As I have already mentioned the team consisted of young players, they put a lot of effort, but there was no result. The result will be visible soon because when you do something with devotion, football pays you back. 

- Aren't you worried that the number of injured players is increasing?
- It is not increasing, when we came they were injuries repeated several times. There is a risk factor, today for example we ran the risk and let Valter Poghosyan play. But we don't want to risk Hakob Hakobyan, Nairi Minasyan and Aram Loretsyan whose risk factor is higher. If we use the time carefully I think we won't have injuries. It is very important not to repeat injuries.