Rumyan Hovsepyan

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Age 26
Goals 5

Norayr Gyozalyan

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Age 27
Goals 4

Which place will take Banants at the end of the season?

Aram Voskanyan about Pyunik match

After the first round match against "Pyunik" the head coach of "Banants" Aram Voskanyan answered the questions of the reporters. 

- I congratulate on the start of the season. Especially for us that we did not participate in the European Cup, the preparatory phase was too long. I think nobody likes so much training and test games. Finally, the championship started. The goal was absurd, in the first one we did not get time to rearrange in defense, and in the second case, two players scratched their heads and the players stopped, thinking that the game should be stopped. A few days ago, we had a meeting with a member of the referee committee, it was mentioned that in such a case, the game should be stopped immediately because it is a danger for the player's life. But we did not have the right to stand and miss the second ball. We put ourselves in a difficult situation, but we showed our will and managed to equalize the score. Our scored goals were more creative goals. Especially the second goal was a very good combination. We could have scored in the added time, but we could also miss. I think it was a good football for the fans, and I want a lot of fans to come to the stadium. Taking into account the weather conditions, it is difficult to bring back two missed balls. It takes a lot of energy, but I must say that our boys looked fresh to the end.

- Why did you choose the option with 3 defenders?
- We did it not to adapt to the opponent, but according to our players. We played with Gandzasar in this one-off game in a control match. Today, we played the first half, but then the unexpected change was made and we had to rearrange with four defenders. We played like this for 5-7 minutes, and saw that it did not work well and we went back with three defenders. Taking into consideration that our players in the attack line can show good technique in the small space, make sharp transfers, we have chosen this option, realizing that it will suffer a bit from that but will benefit from the attack. Today's match could end in 4-2 as we had real chance of winning. We have just gone through this option and we have to tackle and build it all the time, and I think it's a good game. Today we could earn three points, we could not win at all, but at least we scored one point.

- Are you satisfied with the game of Legionnaires?
They are very high-quality players, but Armenia's championship is a very special championship. It does not have a high rating, but integration here is very difficult. You can be a high quality football player, but a football player who stands looking and is difficult to overlook ... There is a difference in quality. As for today's match, they did not show their highest. I think the reason is the adaptation period. We need a little time.